So to answer your question "go live life"

Behind every strong person there is a strong team aiding that person moving correctly. We are behind you so as your property manager we do not need to be seen. We are your understanding. So what has made us successful has been applied to everyone just in their own individual way.  


"JLJ Properties" our focus is the atmosphere of the person

The main understanding

This company is a ministry. not like your congregation but still a ministry because here we push the good news.  The Good News is something that is beyond believable and yet still has happened. This company is built on a clear and focus objectives.  

By focusing on a person's home, and their neighborhood, they have a better opportunity to grow and obtain peace. We do this by creating a structure that owners and tenants have power, and is given the ability to use that power. 

Meet The Lead Man


James L. Jones

All my life is geared towards sucess. Not just my sucess but the sucess of others

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