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Our service is called Hands Free Freedom and for $80 per month you will soon understand why we say welcome to life. Read more then contact us.

We Are Good


Bring your property into our system

Currently our houses sit vacant on average for a week until we have someone qualified to move in

Show the vacant Unit

We are always ready to show a property

Find Good qualified Tenants

Not to toot the company's horn but in the thirteen years we have been in business we had no evictions 

Coordinate repairs

We are here to fix all problems, that come with the house

Handle all rent collections

There is a system that takes care of rent payments, and the timeliness of those payments 

Prepare monthly statements

It does matter where you live or run off to a monthly statement will give you information about your property

Handle all tenant calls, texts, and emails

With us in place you can truly relax, we will take care of the tenant

Deal with all problems

Whether it is natural or a person I have methods to deal with the problem

Peace of Mind

We have everything in order, we deal with tenants, and what problem they may have. We also if necessary  pay the mortgage, the taxes, the water bill. 

These are the Stats

Cost of doing business $80

No matter the size of the unit we charge one flat price

Cost of a repairman $30.00 per Hour

All Properties need some repairs and we have the people for it

Cost of Major Repairs TBD

All Renovations fall under Major Repairs

Reports 1 Per month

This notifies you of where we are, where are going  and how we plan to get to the end 

Average Vacancy 14 Days

This is tracked from the time the property is completed to the time the lease is signed

Average length of a repair 1 week

All repairs are patches or coverings.

Average length of a project 3 Month

All projects are bigger than repairs


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This page is designed by Owners to so what freedom looks like. Click the button to see what we have already done. Plus you can leave some information in how we can improve the page.

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