What is the take away

As the CEO, this company's goal is to take an effective measure to assure our future is  heading in the right direction for the next generation 



Some think legacy is the image you leave with others after you leave here. At first I thought that was true too. So I worked hard at leaving a good legacy, but now being in my thirties I can see my legacy already forming. So my legacy is work hard at what you are called to do and let those with you stand with you. Those who run beside you for a while run beside you for a while. Those who are not with you, just look as you continue to run.

I am flawed and weak in some area and extraordinary in others. So I count all of those highs and lows as a blessing.  I am already leaving a legacy, so learn to be strong in building your brand, and legacy. Don't worry about the time it takes to hone your craft because we all have a race to run, and a finish line to reach.


Important information about me


U.S. Army - Supply and Logistics 

U.S. Army - Masonry and Construction 

Milwaukee Tech - Carpentry 


MATC - Business Management AAS

Work Ethic

 Strive for Greatness and Settle for Nothing less


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